english :::..  magyar :::..  română :::..   Manufacturer of braided, twisted and crochet trimmings. Climbing ropes, shoe laces, elastics, cords, decorative trimmings, laces, ribbons, fringes, stripes, surgical thread, technical articles.
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Founded in 1967, the textile Factory "Drum Nou" became quickly an important trimmings manufacturer.

In 1990 the former textile factory turned into a trading company named "AURA". As a result of the privatization process AURA became in 1994 a joint-stock company with 100% private capital.

Since then AURA has moved to a new stage of development by the diversification of its range of products, by the acquisition of new equipment and by its constant preoccupation to improve the quality of the production and to maintain it at a high standard.

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